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BROKEN (15) 7.30pm tonight. SONG FOR MARION (PG) 11am Monday; 11am Tuesday - Big Scream! screening for parents and babies only; 2.3opm and 7.30pm Tuesday.
Box office - 01536 470470


QUARTET (12A) 7.30pm tomorrow, Langham Village Hall. Tickets £5 unreserved or luxury tables of 4 for £40 with front row cushioned seating, complimentary glass of wine and nibbles. Proceeds to Langham Village Hall.
Box Office - The Old Smithy, Burley on the Hill, Oakham, 01572723723.


OBLIVION (12A) 6pm tonight. SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (15) 9pm tonight; 8pm Tuesday. THE CROODS (U) 2.30pm tomorrow; 1pm Sunday. A LATE QUARTET (15) 5pm tomorrow; 8.45pm Monday; Silver Screen - A LATE QUARTET 11am Tuesday; 2.30pm Tuesday; 6pm Wednesday; 8pm Thursday. OBLIVION (12A) 7.30pm tomorrow; 7.30pm Sunday; 5.45pm Monday; 5pm; 8.30pm Wednesday; 5pm Thursday. 
 Box office - 01664 500 642


ROCKSHOW, the concert-film featuring Paul McCartney’s Wings, 7.30pm, Wednesday. Judas Priest’s final gig, 8pm, Thursday.
today to Thursday
*=Friday and Saturday only.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (12A) 10am, 1pm, 4.15pm, 7.15pm, 10.30pm. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D (12A) 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8.05pm, 11.15pm. IRON MAN 3D (NOT THURSDAY) (12A) 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8.05pm, 11.15pm*. IRON MAN (12A) 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm, 12am*,IRON MAN 3D (12A) 10.30am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm, 7.30pm, 10.30pm. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D (12A) 10.30am, 1.30pm, 4.30pm, 7.35pm, 10.45pm, 21 AND OVER (15) 12.05pm, 2.35pm, 4.55pm, 7.20pm. EVIL DEAD (18) 9.30pm, 11.45pm*. ALL STARS (U) 11.25am, 1.55pm, 4.25pm. OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (15) 7.20pm, 10.05pm. CHIMPANZEE (NOT THURSDAY) (U) 11.10am, 1.10 pm, 3.10pm. DEADFALL (15) 5.15pm, 7.35pm, 9.55pm, 12.05am*. THE CROODS (U) 11.40am, 2.10pm, 4.40pm. OBLIVION (NOT THURSDAY) (12A) 7.10pm, 10.10pm, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (12A) 2pm, 3pm, 6.35pm, 9.45pm. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS 3D (12A) 12.45pm, 4pm, 7.05pm 10.15pm. IRON MAN (12A) 10am, 1 pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10 pm. THE GREAT GATSBY (THURSDAY ONLY) (12A) 11am, 2.05pm, 5.15pm, 8.30 pm. THE GREAT GATSBY 3D (THURSDAY ONLY) (12A) 12.45pm, 4pm, 7.15pm, 10.20pm. 
Information line - 08712201000;


THE CHERRY ORCHARD (PG) 8pm Thursday. ROBOT AND FRANK (12A) 5pm Thursday. Movie Makers Premiere - THE HARBINGER, 2.30pm tomorrow. For more information contact Martin Tempest
Box office - 01780 763203


QUARTET (12A) 7.30pm, Thursday, May 16. Tickets £4.