Twins’ TV search for Mr Right

Sam Wilkinson, left, and her twin sister, Cat, who have appeared on the TV show, Take Me Out
Sam Wilkinson, left, and her twin sister, Cat, who have appeared on the TV show, Take Me Out
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TWIN sisters from Oakham have appeared on national television in their quest to find love.

Catherine and Samantha Wilkinson, 20, of Nightingale Way, Oakham, are contestants on ITV’s Saturday night dating show Take Me Out and known to the nation as SamCat.

The show’s catch phrase is “No likey, no lighty” and each week a panel of girls judge a man on looks and personality and switch off a light it they are not interested.

The contestants remain on the show, presented by Paddy McGuinness, until they find a date, and two weeks into the series SamCat are both still in with a chance of finding love.

Sam said: “Cat applied for the show for both of us without telling me, so I didn’t really have any say in it.

“We’re both at university and had to take time out to film the show so it was a really big decision for us.”

Cat is studying fashion and band management at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, and Sam is studying geography at Manchester University. Both are hoping to get first class honour degrees when they graduate next year and claim to have opposite tastes in men.

Sam said: “Cat likes skinny boys and I like muscular rugby players.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend and Cat has had one that only lasted a couple of weeks, so we’ve been single for a long time.”

Cat said: “We’ve never done anything like this before and it has been a really good experience. If anything else did come from it, it would be great.”

Initially the girls entered to add the experience to their CVs, but are open to the idea of further television appearances.

That’s despite getting some negative comments on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The twins are baffled as to why they’ve had the reaction and say they are just being who they are. Cat said: “The only downside is that we’ve become national hate figures overnight. We thought we’d get a mixed reaction but so far it has all been negative.”

The girls are fighting back by starting a group on Facebook called “We love SamCat, the twins from Take Me Out 2010” and are hoping people in Rutland will support them.

Sam said: “We moved to Rutland from Devon a couple of years ago and work at Twinlakes in Melton in the holidays so we’re hoping that people who know us will support us.”

Sam and Cat live with their father Derek when they are in Oakham. He said: “I’m very pleased they have done something they really wanted to do and they obviously enjoy it.

“I’ve gone out and spent £195 on a television recorder so that I can record the entire series.

“They are in it to enjoy it and meet new people, and if they meet a man along the way then it will be fine.

“They’re both busy at university and don’t have a lot of time to meet boys.”

The twins will appear on Take Me Out at 8.30pm on New Year’s Day on ITV1.